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Economic Indicators

National Performance

United States Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

United States Manufacturing, value added (% of GDP)

United States Inflation, consumer prices (annual %)

United States External balance on goods and services (% of GDP)

United States Gross domestic savings (% of GDP)

United States Gross national expenditure (% of GDP)

United States Gross savings (% of GDP)

United States Gross value added at basic prices (GVA) (current US$)

Education Performance

Health Performance



Manufactured Products

United States Analytical and scientific instruments, excluding optical

United States Biological products, excluding diagnostic, for veterinary, industrial, and all other miscellaneous uses

United States Bottled water

United States Builders’ hardware

United States Canned soups and stews, excluding frozen and seafood

United States Chemical catalytic preparations, excluding silica gel catalyst

United States Commercial and institutional-type electric lighting fixtures, including parts and accessories

United States Compressors and compressor units, all refrigerants, excluding automotive

United States Creams, lotions and oils, excluding shaving, hair, and deodorant

United States Dog food

United States Electromedical equipment (including diagnostic, therapeutic, and patient monitoring equipment)

United States Folding paperboard boxes, packaging, and packaging components

United States General-purpose industrial controls

United States Hair preparations (including shampoos)

United States Industrial pumps, including value of drivers (excluding hydraulic fluid power pumps)

United States Laser sources, including nondiode and diode

United States Mixed fertilizers, mixing only

United States Nonelectric signs and displays, including trade show exhibits

United States Ophthalmic goods, other types, including prescription ground eyeglass lenses

United States Pharmaceutical preparations, affecting parasitic and infective diseases, for human use (excluding diagnostics)

United States Ready-mix concrete

United States Soft drinks, bottled, canned, glass, plastic, carbonated

United States Thermoplastic resins and plastics materials

United States Wood kitchen cabinets and related cabinetwork, stock line, for permanent installation

Consumer Products Retail

High Technology